Just what the hell is THE UNDEREXPLAINED?

The answer is twofold.

  1. The Underexplained was a short-lived podcast by yours truly. Why did I stop? While I enjoyed podcasting, it felt a little silly diving into a ‘new’ topic every couple of weeks and putting it out there only to discover a million other podcasts had already covered the subject. I felt it more productive to focus my research towards other areas. You can still find the five episodes on my SPREAKER PAGE or any pod-catching program (in theory).
  2. The Underexplained is a continuing journey into the realm of all things unknown. I am a nerd for all things true crime, mysterious, paranormal, spoopy, and weird. I plan on continuing this campfire conversation right here on this page.  Occasionally, I will write articles on such subjects and share them. I just moved a few of those articles over to this very website.

    I will continue my search for answers. You’ve been warned.

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