There seems to be a collective ‘mid-life’ crisis among my fellow creatives. I’ve read about it on several blogs, seen it discussed on social media, and even discussed it in-depth with my friends.  Times are dark indeed. We’re struggling.

Balancing real life and our creative careers.  At what point do we just give up our dream and give in to our daily lives? The majority of my friends (at least the more ‘successful’ ones) screamed NEVER!

True, but do I want to die wishing I had stopped to smell the proverbial flowers? I have the wonderful wife, I rent a decent home, I have an easy job that pays the bills, I have the critters that I consider children. Yet, something keeps me up at night, typing away and unhappy.

And here I come off as a whiny bitch wishing for a break.

So, I’ve spent the last few days having a ‘come to Jesus’ talk with myself.

It’s been six years since I last published anything close to resembling a novel. SIX GODDAMN YEARS!  In that time, I’ve sat by and watched several of my author friends’ writing careers take off. I’ve filled my computer with hundreds of half-finished ‘ideas’. I’ve lived life.

It’s time to put up or shut up!

We can whine about it until those cows find their way home, but it won’t make an inch of difference unless we put in the work.  We can blog about it, vlog about it, we can post about it on all the social medias. We can spend our time drawing up concept book covers for books that don’t yet exist. We can binge countless hours of shows grasping for our inspiration…

or we can write.

Recently, I’ve found that if I set a daily writing schedule (usually 7 – 9 am.) and write for that period EVERY SINGLE DAY, magic happens.  Words make sentences, sentences make pages, pages make novels.  Most of it’s crap, but there is a good amount of saveable material here and there.

This is the way writers become successes. But what defines success? Hell, that’s another blog post in itself.  But the only way I can beat the ‘creator’s blues’ is one word at a time.

So, I’ve made my goal – holding my own nose to the grindstone. I will put every focused bit of energy I have in actually finishing a novel, marketing, and branding myself towards success by the end of 2018. If nothing happens by the end of 2018, I will hang up the pen for good and disappear.

Foolish? Probably.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I wish you the best in achieving your creative goals.

Now, get your ass back in that chair and write!

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